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It's about money, lunatics and floors, food chains and invisible hands.


released October 31, 2012

Recorded & Mixed by Andrew Berlin, Blasting Room Studios, www.blastingroomstudios.com, Fort Collins 2012
Mastered by Jason Ward, Chicago Mastering Service, www.chicagomasteringservice.com, Chicago 2012
All songs written by Igor Podladtchikov and performed by Shippies. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Shippies Denver, Colorado

once upon a time...

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Track Name: Money
I want it all, I want it now, so bad
I love the smell, I love the sound, so bad
I have been down, day after day, too long
Until the world came to explain what's wrong
I see them smile, the're so complete, so round
It makes me cry that I can't compete without
Dream on
Track Name: Mr. Spiderfingers
Pump that dirt day by day
Rock those veins, till they hurt
Pain is good, pain is a feeling
Roast those veins, BURN BABY BURN!

All this weight, pushing down
Nothing much to keep it up
Too late, too deep, too high
Wake up in a coma, YEAH YOU'RE FINE!

Mr. Spiderfingers, how's your spine today
Any plans tonight? Thanks for stayin late..
Thanks for coming before birds embrace the day
You're a solid pillar we appreciate

March in line with the goons
You're not them, you're much better
You know life from tip to toe
Pump that dirt, MAKE IT HURT!

Worlds collide, curtains fall
Rolling stones grind you to dust
You don't mind, you can handle hell
You don't need heaven, you're ONE TOUGH SPARTAN!

Mr. Spiderfingers, please don't be alarmed
We are here to help you, we don't mean no harm
Thanks to our program, you will grow and bloom
Now pick up a brochure, clear your office room

Mr. Spiderfingers, you're unreasonable
Your reincarnation is quite feasable
Please consider all the possibilities
And the drastic lack thereof should you PULL THAT TRIGGER!!!
Track Name: On the Floor
Meet me out in the blue
Leave your crown in the loop
Curtain out rules and shame
Like the day you were made

Rock me on the floor
Rock me deaf and blind
Rock me out of time
Rock me out of my mind

Meet me out in the rain
Washing down names and vain
Open up and let go
All you fear, all you know

Rock me on the floor
Rock me deaf and blind
Rock me out of time
Rock me out of my mind
Track Name: Food Chain
What better business than need?
What greater need than to eat?
Let's turn the market into industry!
With only three times a day
The revenue's not so great
Let's add some grease in lieu of quality
The'll beg for more and we'll show them the way!

We rule, we reign, we're the top of the food chain
We rule, we reign, at the top of the food chain

With healthy trends on their way
We'll simply change marketing
No one will ever know it's still the same
We have the world overfed
And soon they'd eat their own shit
We'll catch that train and make them pay for it
We'll call it food recycling benefit!

We rule, we reign, we're the top of the food chain
We rule, we reign, at the top of the food chain

We smash your brain from the top of the food chain
We trash your brain from the top of the food chain
We bash your brain from the top of the food chain
We mash your brain from the top of the food chain
Track Name: Supernatural
Supernatural, invisible hands
Orchestrating common sense
Tainted lullabies nickel wound they play
Leading hungry minds astray

Oh Yeah

Supernatural, drown them in their greed
Fry them in the oil they leak
Open up their eyes to their wicked ways
Make them see it's time to pay

Oh Yeah

Supernatural, shake the parasite
Who are you to compromise
Wipe the surface clean, start a brand new age
This time please make sure they stay away
Stay away
Track Name: Amy Adison
Amy Addison, Sunday afternoon
Staring at the sun, wondering wheather she should do it

Amy Addison, tender age in bloom
The're all having fun, telling her that she should do it

Amy Addison, the world is cold and cruel
Amy Addison, may I beg you not to do it

Amy Addison, the sun is out, for you
And it may go down if still you wonder, should you do it

Amy Addison, if one and one makes two
Then I don't understand how you wonder, should you do it
Track Name: Why
I learned today that you've got problems
I laughed, I know, I should have cried
I learned today that you've got problems
I am not sure why

You ran away into mommy's sweet embrace
And sunny rays sway your agonizing pain

I learned today...

The traffic jams, endless queues at fast food stands
Chain of command takes it's time with promised land

I learned today...

And my tears run in streams for you
And my mind spins in circles around you
And this here dead-end road you choose
And I fear there are armys of those like you
Track Name: N.M.N.

I confuse with my non-linearity
Please excuse and arm your ears baby
Here goes nothing again and again
My message I send unencrypted and amplified


Are you stupid, or do you think I am
You think you're cupid and I have no say, WELL HEY
Here is some news, somethings to chew
On overnight and get it right
Flip on your head and understand


Carve it in red, italic, bold
On palms and head, no means a no
I'll write a song, write it in snow
I'll wake the dead, until you know